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Product Testimonials

“We’ve been using Watershed Dry Bags since the early 2000s. Year after year the bags continue to completely outperform any other dry bag we’ve seen or heard of.” – Jansen at Rock-N-Water, recently wrote about our Drybags! He uses them at his whitewater rafting camp and his visitors are huge fans. Read more here:


Check out Chris’ website review of Watershed’s UDB (Ultimate Ditch Bag).

You can find his site chocked full of reviews here:


Our UDB has seen some changes since this review, the biggest change in the bag’s shape. You still have a huge amount of storage space, but the new backpack location in relation to bag shape to alleviate some of Chris’ issues that he discusses near the end.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a customer review and some photos from the Canadian back country.  Matt Scharl called us a few weeks ago inquiring with a bit of skepticism whether our patented ZipDry seal would still function as easily in -15 degree F or lower temps.  While we assured Matt that the coast guard uses our bags through out Alaska,  that we have customers from the Arctic Circle who heavily depend on our bags, as well as Antarctica, he needed to see for himself.   A big thank you to Matt!  We always appreciate hearing and seeing our array of customers’ uses and experiences with Watershed products.  Please read below Matt’s experience and check out his photos.

Just wanted to give you a note regarding the Animas Backpack I took to Ontario on my two week snowshoeing and snowmobiling trip to the back country.

I had no worries regarding the legendary waterproofness of Watersheds bags, but would it hold up to temperatures expected below -20 deg F. I was concerned that the material would become brittle and stiff like so many others have when the temperature dips.  It didn’t take long to test this, the first morning dawned at -25 deg.  Midday with the temperatures still -15 I had to get my second pair of gloveliners out of the bag, to my great comfort the bag opened with no stiffness, it performed perfectly relieving any stress I had in choosing the Animas as my sole bag for 2 weeks in the Canadian bush.

Whether it was tossed in the snow, strapped to the snowmachine or my back, the Animas backpack performed flawlessly regardless of temperature.

Thanks for making a great drybag, finally one for all seasons!

Matt Scharl

Check out this great review by Kristoffer over at Offroad Passport:


Kristoffer writes about Watershed’s Colorado duffel, its usefulness for his trips and all the great functionality of owning a Watershed Zipdry bag.

Check out Kelsey Thompson’s excellently produced video:

He highlights some of Watershed’s products and discusses their versatile uses.  Included are demonstrations of how to load different bags, and their many sports applications.

You can find out more about Kelsey at his website:    www.atlantickayaker.com

Thank you Kelsey for your professional, diligent work!!  All of us at Watershed are thrilled at the quality and creativity you brought to your testimonial.