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5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your New Year’s Goals

A New Year is always the perfect time to set some personal goals for yourself. A fresh start always feels like we can attain anything if we put our minds to it! Keeping your goals attainable will help you embark on a new and hopefully adventurous journey in 2018.

New kayaking adventures, rafting trips and innovative SUP tricks are always on our list! Finding the time to accomplish everything can be a struggle, but we laid out some standard guidelines to follow to hopefully help you along your path of exploration!

Kayaking over a waterfall

Instagram Credit: @boaterbeth

1) Make a List

Make a list and check it twice – don’t ever tell us holiday songs didn’t teach you anything! It sounds simple but the physical act of writing down your goals can be extremely helpful. Once they are written down (or typed for those of us who have lost the ability to hand-write) place the list somewhere safe like a desk drawer, or THE CLOUD. Maybe even place the list on a calendar with set dates you wish to accomplish certain goals. Having certain dates laid out on a timeline will make the goals that much harder to ignore. Go a step further and share your goals with your friends, family members or post to your network on social media. This way you can be held accountable. Good luck!

2) Make your Goals Reasonable

We know everyone wants to go to Iceland, kayak the Colorado River, and summit a peak over 15,000 feet. While this all sounds great, and maybe even very attainable for some of you, keep the goals within reason. It’s a great feeling to accomplish your goals so make them difficult but not impossible. Think about where you will be in 2018 – financially and geographically.  Keeping this in mind will help you decide what can and cannot be done.

Women carrying her paddle board over a bridge with a watershed drybag backpack

Instagram Credit: @bp.surfs

3) Plan with the Right Gear

We love gear! Who’s with us?! Gear is the best and allows us to reach certain goals or make the sport more manageable. Make sure you plan by spreading out your purchases or doing some research before the adventure. Camping is great, but if you’re going to be camping in below freezing temps you may want to double check your gear list and make sure you are well prepared. Knowing what you will need in advance is also helpful so you can spread out your purchases and go bankrupt. Watershed Drybags are the perfect addition to any gear list (in hot or cold temps). The 100% submersible drybags are the perfect addition to any hiking, kayaking, or rafting trip. Pack smart and be prepared!

4) Know your Physical Abilities

The top goal of 2018 is always fitness related. Getting in shape or simply gaining more muscle to enjoy your outdoor activities even more is high on the list. While these are awesome goals to have, keep these goals on paper and within a certain timeline. Training for an event or a series of events is always a great way to stay in shape. Try joining in on a 5K race once a month – keeping your sights on something specific such as a 5K, as opposed to a vague idea such as ‘running more’, will help keep you on track. A workout diary gives you a way to create a road map to success and keep a record of what did and didn’t work if you fall short. If accountability has been your problem, this small book can be a big help.

Man carrying his kayak holding a drybag outside through a field

Instagram Credit: @aleixsalvat

5) Diversity

Diversity is key! In addition to the new kayaking and rafting trips you’re dying to accomplish, throw in some harder goals such as eating a meatless meal a day or 10 minutes of meditation every week. Spice it up and include some things you have been wanting to try. Test your limits and find some new boundaries or try some new activities – like One Wheeling or Bellyaking. You don’t know what you might like until you try.


What are some of your 2018 New Year Goals? Share with us!

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