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5 Essentials for your Drybag

It’s a good idea to keep your drybag stocked but whatever size it is, you still don’t want to be carrying around any unnecessary weight. For those of us that paddle out for a camping adventure, you know the difference a couple pounds can make in your boat. The first hour you may be thinking,”Yeah, this is fun getting muscles!”, then the second hour trudges along and the, “Why didn’t I pack less, I’m dying” thoughts creep in. For most of us, less weight = a happy camper! Camping or not, we listed a few essentials to keep handy in your dry bag the next time you head out.

Blue Watershed Drybag laying on a rock next to a river

1) Quick dry towel

Small, lightweight, and the ever so useful quick dry towel will always come in handy on a water trip. You can find these at any outdoor store in different sizes, colors and fabrics. Drying your feet off before changing shoes or cleaning up after cooking are just a few ways a small towel will turn into a luxurious necessity. Keeping the towel stored in your 100% submersible drybag of course is essential!

2) Whistle and small first-aid items

Depending on the length or your trip, the number of first-aid items will differ. For a day trip, a couple band-aids, pocket knife and a whistle should hold you over well. In fact, the pocket knife and whistle are essentials for any outdoor adventure! To ensure it doesn’t take a swim when you’re not looking, attach the whistle right to your life vest! Never hurts to be prepared.

one person tossing a drybag to the other in the river

3) Snack, snacks, and snacks

Foooood. Ever paddle all day and not be in the mood to eat? We’re guessing that’s a big ol’ N.O. Always bring more than you think you will need – an exception in the ‘extra weight’ rule as you (and your energy levels) will always be grateful for that extra protein bar. Keeping your food in a drybag will also keep it safe and away from the bacteria filled water you may be floating on top of (YUM!). Go for protein when shopping for snacks. If you’re in a bind, candy bars such as snickers and paydays are good too.

4) GPS/Phone/Watch

These items could all be roped into one depending on your device. Time always seems different on the water. After a couple hours of paddling it may seem like dinner time even though it is only 3pm! Time and location are both essential for a safe paddling trip, especially if things stop going to plan.

They also seem to be getting smaller and smaller too. Scroll throw some devices before your next trip or send one off to a friend for a gift. You can never have too many gadgets!

Drybag next to a man in a sunhat loading up his boat

5) Protection from the elements

Know the area you will be in and protect yourself accordingly! Bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, extra layers. All these items are easy to throw in the dry bag for easy access.

Don’t forget your car keys/house keys or any other essentials items you will need once your trip is over. Always keep these is a spot you will remember. What are your drybag essentials? Tell us in the comments below!

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