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Bellyak Tips and Tricks

Beware, the gateway drug for future adrenaline junkies has arrived! Bellyak – pioneered in the early 2000s by Adam Masters when he duct taped the seating area of his kayak shut and laid belly down – is prone paddling at its finest. Perfect for those looking for an original sport, something new, or even a different workout plan, the bellyak is designed to be ridden lying down, kneeling, or seated without restricting straps or a confining spray skirt. You’re free to roam! The sport is perfect for adaptive athletes as well looking to explore workout routines and gain more movement with this patented technology. Why not dive headfirst into the waves?

Surfer riding on a Bellyak on their belly down a river

1) Paddling Down the River

Although totally compatible with flat water and surf, the bellyak was born on the river, allows you to see the river in a whole new perspective. Even on a river you may know at the back of your hand. Riding the river on your belly as opposed to in a kayak changes the whole interface with the water, getting you up close and personal with every single feature. To begin, take your bellyak on calmer waters first to get a feel for rolling, mounting paddling before you try out harder whitewater. Pair your setup with the Stowfloat bag designed to fit a wide range of boats and floats – no worries when you go for a dip!

Catching a wave in the ocean on a Bellyak standing up

2) Catching a Wave

Talk about a workout! Paddling in the ocean and through the waves can really test out every muscle in your body. Similar to a surf board, the bellyak allows you to ride small and large waves prone, kneeling – or if you have abs of steeling – standing. Although every model works in the ocean, the Play 35 and Play 45 are best suited to be used in the surf for riding and catching small waves.

Bellyaking in the lake

3) Lake Fun Prone Style

Just looking to relax? The bellyak is light and easy to carry so no worries when trudging down to the dock or lifting up to transport on your car. Take the kids out for a fun weekend as this is the perfect sport to learn about the water, and to even practice swimming. Get the whole gang together for some relay races or try your luck standing up and maybe even attempting a handstand. (worst case scenario you will just fall in the water!)

Adaptive sports pic of a man in a wheelchair with a Bellyak

4) Adaptive Paddling

The bellyak allows people of almost any ability to access the freedom and joy of watersports, using the exact same equipment with little or no modifications necessary. Slowly, it’s opening doors to adaptive and differently-abled athletes, supplying a fun and interactive sport to those that could normally not participate. The bellyak also promotes recovery by switching up muscle groups and exploring options with their arms, core, and maybe even trying out some tricks.

Bellyaking in a wave

5) Play On!

This new sport not only provides options for new tricks going down the river but also allows for many new games for either a family gathering, camp ideas with the kids or a weekend out with some friends! The options are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started. Calm water is best for these games but if you get bored a little bit of current can make a huge difference. Think you can handle some balancing acts? Try out your yoga routine on the bellyak, we assure you the challenge will not disappoint!

The options are endless, even WODs can be completed on a bellyak. So what do you think? Would you or wouldn’t you go prone?

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