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Organized Kayak Trips to the Beautiful Patagonian Rivers

Ever dream of paddling your way through the pristine waters of Patagonia? Who hasn’t, right? Check out this travel and adventure company, Auquinco, paddling their way down various rivers and channels with our ever so handy dry bags!


Auquinco is a dream for any adventurist who is looking to respond to the river’s call. They organize kayak trips to make the fascinating Patagonian rivers and landscapes accessible to water addicts of all levels; “a trip to discover the Chilean soul, that will bring you to the most remote and wild landscapes, to crystal clear rivers and water dancing on the slippery stones; a trip which will bring you in touch with your elementary essence.”

‘Auquinco’ means ‘agua que resuena’ or ‘the echoing water’ in Mapuche. It is the water calling you. It is a primitive call, a rough sound, a peaceful prayer.

Auquinco Patagonia Tour Poster

Starting from Puerto Montt, the journey will last 12 days and let you discover – by kayak – 8 different rivers meandering in the Region de Los Lagos, paddling for a total of 150 km. The aim is to allow both experienced and mid-level kayakers the possibility to discover Patagonia rivers in complete safety and without worries.

This trip will let you discover the uncontaminated Northern Patagonia, little known by tourists, where you will be able to hear the Earth’s heart beating. In Patagonia, humans and nature are following the same rhythm in complete harmony, composing a melody echoing since centuries in those intact places.

Lodging will alternate between comfortable hostels, “into the wild” camp spots and traditional cabanas. Eating around a wood fire, descending the rivers following the stream, horse riding on ancient paths, breathing and living the simple wild life: this is Auquinco!

For more info, a full program and reservations: info@patagonia-turismo.com


follow the updates on their Facebook page @auquincokayak


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