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How to Stay Hydrated in Summer Heat

The season we long for all year doesn’t come without it’s challenges – staying hydrated in 80+ degrees can be rough on the body and hard to maintain. Have you ever the saying: “When you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated”? You can quickly dry out without even realizing it. Since we love being outside just as much as you, here are our best ways to hydrated this summer.

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1. Pink Himalayan Salt Bath

If you are partial to getting your hydration through salty homemade electrolyte drinks, that is a perfectly viable option. But if that’s not your thing, Pink Himalayan salt baths can be. By combining pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salts in a warm bath your body can absorb some much needed minerals needed for water retention.


2. Pickle Juice

Not many people know that pickle juice actually contains some serious hydrating properties that can be compared to most leading sports drinks. So while it may be a bit of an unconventional snack, keeping a jar of pickles in your pack when you’re out on the water for a day or backpacking in the heat, can provide a much needed pick-me-up. Rumor has pickle juice can also prevent cramps and keeps your body functioning in the hottest of summer heat!

Watermelon on the lake

3. Watermelon

This one is as much of a secret as the pickle juice, but in the summer months, watermelon can be a pleasant change from regular water and carries more electrolytes. This fruit – that’s made up of 92% water – is full of potassium pantothenic acid, biotin,magnesium, and dietary fiber. Besides all of its delicious hydrating properties, watermelon is a great way to cool down in the summer heat as well.

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4. Sports Drink

Sometimes you can’t mess with the classics, and there’s nothing better for you than a good old sports drink. You can get a quick sugar boost along with a long list of specially calculated electrolytes and minerals to keep you going all game, or trail long. But! Although sports drinks are perfect for replacing what you sweat out, they are not the most efficient for hydrating in the first place. (For that, think regular old water!)


5. (Water)ful snacks

When all else fails, try giving your regular diet a hydrating boost. Much like pickle juice, there are plenty of unsuspecting foods that hide hydration like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re looking for a real boost, try checking out fruits and vegetables that are over 90% water. Carrots (90.4%), green peppers (93.9%), cucumbers (96.7%), tomatoes (94.5), celery (95.4%), spinach (91.4%), broccoli (90.7%), radishes (95.3%) and strawberries (91.0%) to name a few.


Staying hydrated is crucial to enjoying all the activities you already love in the summer. Although it can be a little difficult, there are so many delicious options, that it can be a little fun too!

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