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Waterproof Snacks for your Little Kayaker

The unofficial start to the summer has come and we’re spending every moment we can in the water. We’re even finding ways to stay out even longer. When the kiddos come along this could be tough. We love them and we are more than ready to bring them up to be the next great whitewater champions, but until then we have to keep them fed long enough to enjoy their “training”.

Feeding kids out on the water is hardly ever convenient, but always necessary. It’s also hard to pack eco-friendly snacks just in case “the water is hungry too”. So we’ve come up with a few ways, to keep your Olympians in training fueled up and your snacks safe from taking on H2O.

Celery and peanut butter

(Image Credit: DIY Projects)

1. Celery in a peanut butter jar

The perfect healthy snack to cool you down during hot days on the water and totally safe from swimming is celery in a peanut butter jar. This kid-friendly take-along comes together in minutes and is totally kid friendly.  

2. Nalgene full of trail mix

Everyone loves trail mix! Even those people who eat the whole thing and don’t just pick out the good parts (e.g. the chocolate and the peanuts). Keeping them in your Nalgene not only keeps them dry, but gives you a reusable bottle in case you need it later on down the trail for water or other cool stuff you might find!

tackle box

(Image credit:Dine and Dish)

3. Tackle box of Snacks

We’re sure this has never happened to you, but sometimes when kids get hungry they decide they only want one thing – the one thing you don’t have. And they won’t eat anything else. Since this doesn’t happen to you, we can tell you what we decided to do was up our chances of having that one things by putting together a tackle box full of snacks. Tried and true, the tackle boxes are great on the water, and allow for plenty of snacking options.

grape kabobs

(Image Credit: Play Eat Grow)

4. Grape Kabobs

Grapes are a great summer snack but we’re less excited about touching paddles, lake water and potential caught fish and then sticking our hands into a big bag of grapes. Putting them on kabob skewers keeps the grapes clean and allows kiddos to hold it themselves. Want to keep them cool the whole trip? Freeze them beforehand bring a container full for the whole family. They’ll gradually defrost as you go.

snack pack

( Image Credit: Soup, Spice, Everything Nice)

5. Mason Jar Snack Pack

We admit, this one comes with some prep, but the genius outweighs prep in our minds. These mason jar snack packs can be made in a variety of ways so you can customize you snack in any way you and the kiddos like.


We love it when the kiddos come out on the water, and we want to keep them happy and loving the water as much as we do all summer long and beyond! Snacks are just one of the many ways to do that.

Drybag on the river

Of course, you can always take your snacks along in your Watershed Drybag and keep all the foods of all shapes and sizes drying, all trip long! Happy snacking!


Do you have any kid-friendly snacks you love to take out on the water?  


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