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Alternative Uses for Your Drybag

After years of research, development, and getting wet, we can proudly claim the creation of the ultimate weapon against wet sandwiches and ruined electronics that need to head down the river with you. Our Drybags! After realizing the roll down bags were inferior, we came up with our patented Zipdry closure system that’s second to none. Though our bags are great at keeping your personals nice and dry throughout your watery adventures, did you know there are a multitude of other clever uses for them? Here are some of our favorites.Drybags can be used as pillows

Better Nights Sleep

Overnight paddling trips are great. You get to cover a ton of ground, and get a jump start each morning as you’re already ready to rumble having everything you need right there. Of all the items you really need to pack in with you in your raft, kayak, or other floating vessel…a comfy pillow doesn’t usually top the list. Here’s where the nifty Drybag comes in! Fill your Drybag with air as much as you’d like to create a nice personal pillow to sleep on. You can basically customize the comfort level with how much you inflate the bag. Put a soft tee shirt or towel over top, and wa-la! No more laying your head on a rock at night.

Drybags can be used as washing machines


So Fresh, So Clean

If you’ve been out on the river for days, weeks, months or years, you need some clean threads every now and again. Your amazing Drybag can be used as a hand held washing machine. Be sure to use eco friendly and mild soap then load all your dirty unmentionables into the bag. Add some water, and shake it like a polaroid picture. Or really more like a giant bag of shake and bake chicken. Give a couple of good rinses, and empty out the bag to be left with sparkling clean clothes ready for a nice line to dry on in the sunshine. You can customize the cycle for delicates or bulky depending on how much elbow grease and shaking action you want to put forth for this little experiment.


Use your drybag as a bucket


There’s a Hole in my Bucket

This may seem a little obvious to some, but maybe not to everyone! Your Drybag can be used as a bucket or carrying vessel. If you need to carry water up to your camp for cooking or cleaning, putting out the fire, etc; this is a great way to get the job done. With the carrying handles on our Drybags, this process is made even easier. Work smarter, not harder. This can also be used as a bailing device in case your old school raft you borrowed from that weird raft guide is a non-bailer. No holes in this polyurethane coated radio frequency welded drybag bucket…not today.


Burying your drybag to keep it safe

Buried Treasure

These bags are tough, and can really stand withstand the elements. If you have valuables like electronics or gold pirate coins or rubies you want to keep hidden perhaps while you’re swimming or hiking for the day, consider burying your loot in your drybag. You’d be surprised what people will snatch right out of your tent or off your campsite when they think you aren’t looking. Find a spot with loose sand or dirt to bury your bag that will stay nice and dry and safe until your ready to unearth your worldly possessions. This is a great idea for a day at the beach when you’re out frolicking in the ocean. X marks the spot, or so they say, so make sure you know exactly where you buried your booty. You wouldn’t want to add insult to injury by losing not only your treasure, but your sweet drybag you put everything in too.

puppy in a drybag


Keeping Puppies In

We don’t really need to go in to detail too much here – pictures speak louder than words – but it can be done!


And there we have it! From keeping your pirate loot safe, to carrying around your dog, the Drybag is a lot more than meets the eye!





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