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Les Voyageurs Sans Trace

In 1938, three French adventurers were the first to kayak and film the great white water rivers of the American West, the mighty Green and Colorado. They called themselves the “voyagers without trace.” Seventy-five years later, a modern trio of American kayakers are following the wake of “Les Voyageurs Sans Trace” — and filming their voyage with Watershed Drybags in tow! Find out more and support their film on Kickstarter:

This exhilarating tale of a youthful voyage represents a larger story of history, exploration, and heritage. The French Trio’s travels marked a historic and cultural turning point for America, ushering in a new era of recreational river runners and new perspectives on the wild and scenic values of the rugged West. Yet their story has remained untold and nearly lost to time. Luckily Ian McCluskey stumbled across a small historic marker of their journey in the corner of Wyoming. Inspired by their adventure, Ian learned to kayak, and set out with two friends to retrace the French Trio’s path. Seeing firsthand the places the French Trio experienced and meeting colorful locals along the way, Ian’s journey leads him through the heart of the American West and eventually back to Europe.

He uncovers unexpected connections to World War II, the French Resistance, Brigitte Bardot, and the spirit of adventure. On the 75th anniversary of the French Trio’s pioneering journey, Ian returns to the river in search of voyageurs without trace.


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