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January 29th, 2015 No comments


The First Annual Get In Gear Fest @ Asheville RiverLink Park

24 local gear companies, seven local breweries and RIVER LINK, all coming together to make sure local community gets a chance to try (and buy!) locally-made outdoor gear and beer.

Mark your calendars – Saturday March 21st, 12-4pm

Come ring in the first day of spring with locally made gear demos, clinics, raffles, races, events, and some local brews. More details soon to come, but for now, the poster below ought to tell you the most important thing: This event is gonna be awesome!

We hope to see you there.





WNC’s outdoor gear manufacturers


American Backcountry: Moisture-wicking apparel

ASTRAL: Footwear and life jackets

GoWorx: GoPro camera accessories

Bellyak Inc.: Lay-on-top kayaks

Blue Ridge Chair Works: Durable furniture for active outdoor living

Cane Creek: Cycling components

DeFeet: Performance socks

Diamond Brand: Tents and backpacks

Eagles Nest Outfitters: Hammocks and accessories

Harmony House Foods: Freezed dried and dehydrated foods

Industry Nine: Handmade bike wheels

Legacy Paddlesports: Kayaks

LightHeart Gear: Ultralight tents

Mills Manufacturing: Parachutes, harnesses and parachute cord

Misty Mountain Threadworks: Climbing harnesses

Outrider USA: Electric recumbent trikes

Recover Brands: 100 percent recycled T-shirts and apparel

Rightline Gear: Car-top carrier bags, truck & SUV tents, and Jeep products

SimpleShot Inc.: Adult slingshots

Sport Hansa LLC: Distributor of authentic European outdoor brands

Swaygo Gear: Caving backpacks and accessories

SylvanSport : Mobile adventure trailers

TerraForma Outdoor Solutions: Self-leveling camping chairs

Threshold Provisions: Simple, real food provisions

Tsuga: Shelters, bags, and hydration systems

Watershed: Drybags

More info:





January 15th, 2015 No comments

Keith Lynch recently completed a 4,000 mile canoe voyage from Twin Bridges, MT to Dallas, TX.

His journey was an eye opening experience and a true adventurers accomplishment given his inexperience and lack of outdoor knowledge. He had planned for his journey for months, and after reading countless gear reviews, he finally settled on the gear he would use for his trip. This gear included Watershed Drybags for his most trusted possessions and electronics.

On June 6th, the 4th day of his journey, Keith capsized.

He hit a train trestle beam and his canoe flipped into the Jefferson River.  He had not lashed down anything to his canoe. All of his gear, including over $3,000 worth of electronics floated down the river.  Luckily he recovered a good majority of his belongings, but one of the bags that got away was his Watershed Ocoee bag which housed most of his expensive electronics including his GPS tracker.  The challenge was that the bag was wedged in an almost impossible location to find despite having the GPS coordinates.

Enter Norm Miller and Kris Walker.

Norm and Kris are natural born kind souls who also happen to be outdoors experts! Norm is a staff historian, photographer, and year-round guide for River Source Rafting. He even retraced the entire Lewis & Clark route in 2004- SOLO. After Norm and Kris reviewed the location of Keith’s canoe flip, they speculated the landing point of the Ocoee bag, and set out to find it. Unfortunately he couldn’t paddle to the assumed location of the bag given the high water levels on the Jefferson River during June. Norm decided that he would try to recover the bag later in the summer when water levels receded.

Keith was devastated by the loss of his Ocoee bag and the gear it contained.  By day 5, the whole dynamic of the trip had been altered. He had given up on finding his Ocoee bag, and doubted that even if it was retrieved, his gear would be in tact. He wasn’t entirely certain he had even zipped it up properly!

Throughout the summer Norm and Kris set out to find Keith’s bag.

Each time, they came back empty handed. “Who the heck attempts to find another person’s lost belongings on multiple occasions? Norm & Kris do.” said Keith. Finally, on Labor Day, (85+ days after Keith capsized) Norm and Kris’s determination paid off. They finally found Keith’s Ocoee bag! Norm initially thought that the bag was a dead animal due to the muck and foliage covering it… but once he gave it a closer look, he saw the straps and knew that he had found it! Norm picked up the bag. Immediately he thought that it was waterlogged given its weight.  He didn’t realize that Keith had packed the Ocoee bag full of electronics.

Norm slowly opened the bag, and to his surprise, EVERYTHING WAS DRY!

He couldn’t believe it. Norm and Kris had spent countless hours paddling the river searching for Keith’s lost Ocoee bag, and neither one of them thought that there was any way the contents would survive 3 months in the Montana elements. They were both wrong. Norm contacted Keith and let him know that he found the Ocoee bag. Keith truly felt like an 8 year old on Christmas Day!  He was shocked beyond belief. At the time, Keith was some 2000 miles downstream of Montana, (in Missouri ) so Norm shipped the bag over-night to him.

“A big thank you to Watershed and Norm for getting my contents in perfect shape back to me.”

Keith said after telling us his touching testimonial. We are glad to be a part of this wonderful success story and creation of some wonderful river karma!  You can read more about this story and Keith’s amazing journey on his blog: http://www.canoevoyage.com/norm-miller-kris-walker-find-the-bag/

Carolina River Expedition!

January 9th, 2015 No comments

We are happy to report our official sponsorship for the Carolina River Education and Preservation Expedition, lead by Julian Monroe Fisher!

This initiative will travel along the most scenic as well as most threatened rivers in North and South Carolina. The expedition will explore and report back on health threats to these rivers and environmental and social benefits the rivers provide while posting updates on social media networks and working closely with schools to create an everlasting learning tool for classrooms. They will use this expedition as a tool to ‘educate, preserve and conserve through exploration’ the rivers of the Carolinas. We are proud to support the journey, and look forward to reports from rivers across the our state!

The launch event for the first river of the expedition (the French Broad River) will be held at the Highland Brewing Company on April 29th. We are looking forward to this exciting event, and urge you to mark your calenders for the date!