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Archive for March, 2012

The Examiner Gets Up Close with Watershed’s Ocoee Duffel

March 20th, 2012 No comments

Our Brand Manager, Justyn Thompson, met up with Angela Schiavone from Examiner.com at MacWorld 2012.  After checking our some of our staple products and some new, Justyn sent Angela off with an Ocoee and a Grid to get her take on our bags.  Here is her write up about the Ocoee and the ways in which she benefits from Watershed’s legendary waterproof seal.


Watershed Products in Below Freezing Tempertures

March 7th, 2012 No comments

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a customer review and some photos from the Canadian back country.  Matt Scharl called us a few weeks ago inquiring with a bit of skepticism whether our patented ZipDry seal would still function as easily in -15 degree F or lower temps.  While we assured Matt that the coast guard uses our bags through out Alaska,  that we have customers from the Arctic Circle who heavily depend on our bags, as well as Antarctica, he needed to see for himself.   A big thank you to Matt!  We always appreciate hearing and seeing our array of customers’ uses and experiences with Watershed products.  Please read below Matt’s experience and check out his photos.

Just wanted to give you a note regarding the Animas Backpack I took to Ontario on my two week snowshoeing and snowmobiling trip to the back country.

I had no worries regarding the legendary waterproofness of Watersheds bags, but would it hold up to temperatures expected below -20 deg F. I was concerned that the material would become brittle and stiff like so many others have when the temperature dips.  It didn’t take long to test this, the first morning dawned at -25 deg.  Midday with the temperatures still -15 I had to get my second pair of gloveliners out of the bag, to my great comfort the bag opened with no stiffness, it performed perfectly relieving any stress I had in choosing the Animas as my sole bag for 2 weeks in the Canadian bush.

Whether it was tossed in the snow, strapped to the snowmachine or my back, the Animas backpack performed flawlessly regardless of temperature.

Thanks for making a great drybag, finally one for all seasons!

Matt Scharl