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Archive for December, 2010

Metlako Falls

December 27th, 2010 No comments

This is a blog post from one of our Watershed Team paddler’s Jesse Combs:

Hi Everyone,
Lucas Gilman, a photographer without parallel, does many things well.
Two of these things includes nailing the shot the first time, and the
other is placing the photo with great exposure.  Lucas has done it

Check out the link below on the Nikon USA website that Lucas took of
watershed team paddler Jesse Coombs running Metlako Falls in Oregon.

I hope you have a very happy holiday!


Grand Canyon Trip

December 22nd, 2010 No comments

In less than a week a teamof 16 people will be kayaking down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  It is a 12 day Kayak Self-Support trip, where they will bring their own food and pack out all their own trash.  Backcountry.com, Liquid Logic, Rendevous River Sports and Watershed are a few of the members that are gearing up to take this trip together.

With new technology, we can track their whereabouts on the canyon.

Here is information from one of the team mates

“I wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be carrying a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger beacon which will update our position as we head down river.  Anyone interested will be able to access the map updates in a couple of different places.  We’re working on how to post updates via the Liquidlogic Facebook page, and we’ll also make a link available on the Liquidlogic web site.  Here’s the direct page link which will have the live updates as we progress down the river, which you can share with whomever you wish: